slave 1 boba fett spaceship cake star wars

Star Wars Cake. Boba Fett’s ‘Slave 1’

I was commissioned to make a Star wars Cake for a 7th Birthday Party

Being a lover of Star Wars - movies IV to VI - this is always the most fun project to work on. The process for making these cakes well, is a long process of design - looking st the object in pictures or toys models, model making - making the armature/cake platform for supporting the cakes and lighting array, cake shaping - carving, chocolate work and fondant icing covering the cake to artistry - airbrushing, drawing on the cake, making custom items: like weapons, figures and letters. My thoughts always turn to Ace of Cakes, Charm City Cakes at the begining and their making of the Hogwarts train or the Back to the Future car cake. All great works of cake sculpting and so much fun to watch!

slave 1 star wars cake
Wooden Maquette and Plans

I start of with the wooden model to support the cake - this was made from plywood board and cut with a Jigsaw. I had already made some designs from photos and a model of the spaceship -  and cover it with greaseproof paper, making it hygienic and safe for attaching the cake and chocolate ganache. also, a good wood to use is beech which is food safe! Used for wooden spoons etc.

chocolate ganache and cake carving star wars
Cake Carved and Covered with Chocolate Ganache
fondant covered star wars cake with l.e.d.'s led lights
Here is the Cake Covered in Fondant and with LED's being installed.

I also like to use backgrounds with my cakes. This background is from the Cloud City - Lando system <- lol A hand painted scene, concept art by Ralph McQuarrie - who did the original designs for film IV/V/VI. My backgrounds are printed by Kallkwik

cake star wars airbrush
Cake Airbrushing and Drawing with a Edible Pen
star wars slave 1 cake airbrushing skills!
Important with this Cake as with an Star Wars Spaceships, is to Show the Ageing of the Ships,
This is Done by Removing Airbrushed Paint with a Wet Rag

I use a Devilbis Airbrush, A great make. Always use the best tools available. At this stage my mind was drawn to the style of the computer game Borderlands, which has a distinctive pen and ink, black outline and airbrushed look. 

Slave 1 star Wars Cake
The Finished Cake - Slave 1 - Boba Fett, the Bounty Hunter's Spaceship
Star Wars Cake with blinking led lights
Image Showing the Blinking LED Lights of the Landing Platform.

Youtube video showing the flashing lights:

star wars cake eaten
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