Squires Kitchen Exhibition 2015

Here are some thoughts about the 2015 Squires Kitchen Exhibition.

This was my first time enetering a comptition and I decided only a week before to make a cake for the royal icing competition. http://www.squires-exhibition.com/

I know that this was foolish as it takes a long time to design a cake, decide on the proper arrangement of the panels, drawings underneath the panels, piping - what and where to pipe... and most important - colours.

Thing is, I had an idea for a cake based on the famous Bibendum Building in London. http://www.bibendum.co.uk/the-building.html I have always admired its uniqueness and I finally made up my mind to make the cake after driving past it on my way to Yahoo!, delivering a cake. This one: http://sublimecakes.co.uk/article/comments/a-cake-for-paramount-and-yahoo so it was a quick decision but I knew it would be fun. Read more about the cake here: Bibendum Cake Blog Page

squires kitchen royal icing competition 2015
Squires Kitchen 2015 Exhibition - celebration cake with decorative royal icing.

I arrived at 9 O'clock on Friday morning, luckily it wasn't raining!

There were six classes at the Squires Kitchen Exhibition and I entered: 

Class 1 - Celebration Cake with Decorative Royal Icing

Decorate a sugarpaste-covered cake with a decorative royal iced design for a special celebration.

Here is a gallery of images from the competition table.

squires royal icing painted cake squires kitchen royal icing 2015squires royal icing competition line worksquires kitchen exhibition 2015 show piecesquires cake line work royal icing

This was my cake:

bibendum cake michelin man 2015 squires cake exhibition

What I learnt from the exhibition is that the cakes are judged on their technique, the design is secondary. Personally I did not like the winning cakes, but the aim of the competition is not an interesting cake - but to do lots of time consuming, perfect piping. This is not my type of event at all, but I would enter again, just for the fun of having a deadline and a new design to work on.

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