2016 squires competition cake

‘Alex Bransgrove’ - 2016 Competition Cake

This year the Squires Kitchen competition category was 'Thirty Years of Squires Kitchen'.

I thought it best to steer clear of a cake that was simply a copy of the Squires logo, building or of a kitchen interior etc. I think those ideas are too simple and show no imagination.

My starting point was a cake I had always admired in the Squires museum/display cabinets - at the rear of the shop.

squires kitchen competition cake 30 years
Alex Bransgrove: Copy of an English Wedding Cake

The cake is quite large, possibly 18 inches in diameter at the base of the bottom tier. It has a label describing it as a: 'Copy of an English Wedding Cake - by Alex Bransgrove'. Alex Bransgrove was certainly a very interesting character, as seen by his obituary.

I like his piped designs, they are truly unique.

My cake had to fit within a 14 inch square, so I was limited by size. I made the bottom tier 10 inches and the top tier 7 inches in diameter.

I started with the bottom curved section with the dropped lines. This was made by creating a curved royal iced wall around the cake base. I made a curved scraper for this and it took several attempts to build this up.

competition cake royal icing dropped lines
Starting the base

I had to make the many off-pieces for the cake. I produced 15 sheets of drawings first made with pencil then drawn on a computer with AutoCad.

Hand drawn images:

royal icing drawing
Royal Icing Sketch 1
royal icing sketch drawing
Royal Icing Sketch 2


royal icing pencil drawing
Royal Icing Sketch 3
alex bransgrove cake sketch
Royal Icing Sketch 4


royal icing drawing cakes
Royal Icing Sketch 5

Computer aided drawings:

autocad computer sketch royal icing drawing
Computer Drawn Royal Icing Designs.
Computer Drawn Royal Icing Designs.
Computer Drawn Royal Icing Designs. A4 Sheet
piping over a drawing royal icing cakes
Piping Over Royal Icing Designs.
assembling royal icing pieces
Assembling The Pieces
assembling royal icing
Can lead to disaster...
eddie spence royal icing plaque
I made three plaques of Squires Kitchen tutors. Eddie Spence,
Alan Dunn and Carlos Lischetti.
Alan Dunn plaque royal icing squires kitchen
Alan Dunn Plaque.
squires kitchen 30 years plaque
Squires Kitchen Plaque. Made of individual pieces assembled on a plaque.
squires kitchen 2016 cake royal icing
Finished Cake.
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