star wars cake

Millenium Falcon Cake

I was asked to make this cake for Johnny's 4th Birthday.


I grew up with Star Wars and still have my Millenium Falcon from 1983. So I used this to assist with the build of Johnny's cake. Very handy!

millenium falcon under construction
Ply wood board and my original Falcon
millenium falcon cake construction
Shaping the foam
millenium falcon legs
Building the underneath

The cake was raised on dowels onto a plywood board. L.E.D's were fitted, with holes for the battery switches.

I made the underneath of the cake with foam board, carved to the Falcon shape. The legs were made from sugarpaste and allowed to dry.

The top was a simple Victoria sponge with strawberry jam and to aid in sculpting I used a white chocolate ganache. 

millenium falcon cake carving
White chocolate ganache - smoothing
millenium falcon cake covering
Covering the cake with some Renshaw paste

For piping and modelling I used a grey royal icing, sugarpaste and some pastillage.

I decided to make a Hoth, rebel base background with some large print outs. The base board was coated with sugarpaste and airbrushed.

millenium falcon cake star wars
The finished Star Wars cake

The figures were original, Star Wars, 1977 figures of Han Solo and Chewbacca.

There was alot of airbrushing too!

The cake was fun to make and I learnt a lot doing it!

The Party

The party was at The Four Seasons Hotel, Hampshire. A superb venue!

star wars party les enfants
Happy birthday Johnny!
star wars party theme
The best cake pops ever
star wars party stormtrooper
Great pary styling by Les Enfants

My second cake for them.My previous cake was at the Four Seasons, London. Read about this.

Party planning was arranged by Les Enfants, who did a great job.

millenium falcon lights led
Delivery to the Four Seasons Hotel
birthday party four seasons hotel
Hand and Chewy outside the Millenium Falcon

The cake was a total success! I was very happy with the result and feedback.

millenium falcon cut up cake
The force is strong with this one!

Kallkwik - Printing - a very fast turn around. 

Squires Kitchen - Sugarpaste and supplies.

L.E.D.'s from The LED Supplier

Party Planners - Les Enfants

Venue - The Four Seasons Hotel, Hampshire

darth vader star wars party

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