croquembouche at wedding in surrey barn cake

Louisa and Mahdi’s Wedding at Bonham’s Barn

For this wedding I was commissioned to make a croquembouche and buns to serve 100 people.

A croquembouche similar to Olivia's wedding was requested. (the bride was a guest at Olivia's wedding) and 300 + choux buns for dessert.

Bonham's Barn is a great venue in Alton, Hampshire. An old barn with an upper floor. Wood burning stove and plenty of space for a band, dance floor and tables.

The croquembouche was a fake, it was still made of real buns and sugar and rice paper peonies, but, there was no filling inside. This enable a large sculpture to be constructed that looks awesome and it can last the whole day and into the night. I prepare and deliver to your caterers the choux buns and a chocolate sauce for serving as a dessert. It is the best way to do it. I like no problems on the day and for things to run smoothly.

Bonham's Barn
Bonham's Barn.
bonham's barn hampshire wedding cake croquembouche
View from the top floor of the barn.


croquembouche wedding cake surrey barn bonhams barn
A stunning photograph of the croquembouche, which, being a fake,
can last all day and into the evenings fun!
machef at work wedding cake croquembouche set up
Croquembouche delivery and setup.
(The Master at work)

Great photography as always by Jacques Lloyd.

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