plaisterers hall wedding cake in london with white flowers

Kimberley’s Wedding at the Plaisterers’ Hall, London

We were contacted by Kimberley to create a cake for her wedding at the Plaisterers' Hall, One London Wall, London

The venue was The Plaisterers' Hall, at One London Wall, right next the Museum of London and The Barbican. See it Here

london wedding plaisterers halls
Scary unloading in a dark car park.

A simple three tiered cake was asked for, from a design she had seen on the internet.

london wedding september flowers cake
First Impressions... Wow!
also, why am I always the first one to arrive?
If you are interested in old techniques of making things... for cakes or your house,
the construction of an object and then the making of a mould for placing
sugar or plaster into... the Plaisters hall is a great inpiration.
setup of wedding cake on london
set up of wedding cake time.
cake wedding sugar flowers
sugar flowers with pearl centres, constructed simply from cutters and a
great sugar flower dough from 'A piece of cake', in Thame.
cake wedding sketch design drawing
this is the sort of mood board i make for the wedding couple. this one is very simple as
kimberley knew exactly what she wanted.
I always work with pencils and watercolours, then I use scanning and photography to get the designs into photoshop.
Then there are images sent from the wedding couple or from the wedding planner/florist to incorporate too.
I remember Kimberley needed a specific stand, which I sourced from the white company.
It is good to be able to make a scale drawing of the wedding cake. I think this drawing is 1:4.
+ there are three tiers of cake and one small dummy at ten inches diameter.

Kimberley's wedding cake was a gluten free Victoria sponge, a chocolate sponge and a red velvet. Red velvet is becoming very popular!


cake stand white
the wedding cake stand is still available on the white company website - September 2015

I want to show some very interesting objects that were in the glass cases in The Plaisterers' Hall.

silicon mould for plaster work
silicon mould for plaster work. this could easily be used for sugar work. I love how the skills from different disciplines
all merge. they are interchangable skills - i may have to have a go at plastering one day.
wooden mould plaster work
this is an incredible object. a wooden mould that has been carved by hand. but...carved by hand in reverse so that the
mould taken from the wood is the correct way round and a perfect impression. that takes a lot of skill!
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