James and Fiona cutting the cake

James and Fiona’s Wedding

For James and Fiona's wedding cake I was asked to make something a little different.

'A chocolate bear and a chocolate squirrel will be needed for this cake' said James, who had been put in charge of the wedding cake. Knowing Fiona was a red head I presumed she was the squirrel and James was the bear... and that's enough information about that, I thought. grin

I made the bear and the squirrel from modelling chocolate. I used Squires brand of modelling chocolate and it was my first proper attempt at 3d sculpting. It was great using modelling tools to bring out the lines or fur and be able to push into the eyes and into the ears. Most of the shaping was by hand and I used a small animal sculpture and images from the web as a guide.

bear chocolate modelling 3d sculpture sculpting
Chocolate Bear
bear sculpture painting modelling chocolate cake wedding
I used edible colours to paint the bear, it was so much fun!
He really came to life!
chocolate wedding cake bear
The finished bear with his lamp post behind.
chocolate modelling bear animal sculpture
Side view of the bear, he is about 5 inches high.

The bear was to adorn the top of the wedding cake with a lamp post. For this I made a dummy base about 20 mm thick, which I made on my lathe. This put the bear on a little hillock. This was to hide the battery pack and the cables ran up a small tube to the L.E.D. on top. This was covered in a royal iced run out of a lamp post.

It worked well and could eaily be switched on and off.

wedding cake lamp post and bear on top
Lit lamp post and bear again.

For the squirrel I used the same chocolate, rolling it in my hands to warm it up, it is so hard to work. I put the choclate on the end of a long plastic dowel, as I knew the squirrel would be mounted sideways from the cake. The idea was to have the squirrel eating it's way out of the cake, yum! She was a cheeky squirrel and fun to make!

squirrel from chocolate
Squirrel, bursting from the cake.
squireel wedding cake
Cheeky squirrel.

The flowers were a selection of ferns, ranunculus and cotton flowers. These were part of the couples theme, which was a New Orleans vibe.

sugar flowers new orleans ferns
4 sprays of ferns, ranunculus, cotton flowers and cotton flower shells.

The wedding cake was quite a monster with the 5 tiers and had some nice royal icing, piping decorating the edges.

close up piping on new orleans cake
Close up in the sunshine of the piping and sugar flowers.

The cake was a lot of fun to put together, the flavours were: fruit cake, red velvet, chocolate and Victoria sponge.

chocolate mud wedding cake cut up serving portions
Wedding Cake is served!
sublime cakes portions cut cake
I love this shot of the cakes cut up

The wedding was held at Windlesham House School, in West Sussex. A very beautiful location, a super day and a former school to Fiona.

windlesham house school wedding
Windlesham House School.
windlesham house school
Inside the Hall.

It was nice to meet and work with Eleanor Belfrage on the day, who was in charge of the event and runs an events management business and has heaps of experience making your day run smoothly. http://www.eleanorbelfrageevents.co.uk/

Thanks to J and F for the chance to make their wedding cake.

wedding cake with animals
The final cake.
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