peacock purple wedding cake anemone ranunculus sugar flowers

Fulham Palace Wedding

A look back at the Peacock cake and chocolate eggs I made for Gabby's wedding at Fulham Palace this Easter 2015.

Gabby asked for a large white cake with hand painted Peacock feathers, piped Peacock feathers and some piped flowers/lace.

There was also some sugar flowers, Anemones, Ranunculus, Tulips, Ivy and Lily of The Valley. 

The Anemones, Ranunculus and Tulpis were new to me, so I bought and grew in the garden examples of these flowers and had a good practice making them. I used Robert Haynes Tulip centre/pistil mould and called on him for his expert advice.

I also produced many sketches and watercolours of, I think, one of the hardest things to paint - a Peacock feather!

Alongside the cake was eleven thirty cm high Easter eggs to be placed on each table. These I made after attending Mark Tillings, Chocolate course at Squires Kitchen in Farnham. 

It was fun to experiment with making Easter eggs in the workshop and to learn to paint with cocoa butter. Painting with warm buttery goo the most difficult thing to paint - Peacock feathers!

There was also the challenge of piping on the sides of the Easter eggs, this was quite easy with some supporting foam on either side and underneath the eggs.

So there was a lot to learn and produce for this Wedding! But it was tremendous fun and I am glad that it all went smoothly.

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