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Day three of the Chocolate School

Day three has been a challenge. Learning many new techniques, chocolate certainly has many avenues to explore.

We finished our centre pieces by blitzing up white chocolate in a blender until you can sculpt it like clay. We rolled out the arcs and curves you can see on the piece and then used a dollop of chocolate and some freeze spray to fix them in place. Some students were faced with a disaster when their work collapsed from either knocking the previous work off the chocolate sphere/plinth or were just plain unlucky.

Cigarillos were tricky to make.. need more practice! As were using the transfer sheets, which you can buy with your own unique images.

We also made a stout cake using Guinness. Incredibly moist and we covered this with a ganache.

We were also shown an interesting technique with modelling chocolate, for wrapping around a cake. You can roll out/pasta machine your chocolate then put circles or stripes of coloured chocolate on top, then cover with grease proof and smooth it into the base chocolate layer by smoothing with a circular motion. Video to come soon of this technique. Very interesting and effective.

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