chocolate school squires kitchen

Day four of the Chocolate School

Today we have finished off our cakes by adding our arrangement of different techniques: cigarillos, transfer sheets etc

We also made some chocolates (with fillings). Made by filling the mould, letting it set, then fridging, followed by filling with salted caramel or passion fruit purree.

I learnt that a cooked fondant is used + flavour in many modern chocolates. (I was thinking Frys and Quality street coffee creams, which have strangely disappeared over the years)

Mark got some great books out to show us, with some great chocolate artists amazing work. A lot to learn!

Most importantly, covering a cake with a runny ganache was attempted, this was a great technique and I hope to use it at home on some choccy cakes!

I also discovered Thermomix, note to self... buy a Thermomix.

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