cymbidium orchid sugar flowers

Cymbidium Orchid Sugar Flowers

I have been using Scott Clark Woolley’s Cymbidium Orchid cutters to achieve some nice results. The orchids are quite easy to make and helped by using his orchid instruction DVD.

Cymbidium or boat orchid, is a genus of 52 evergreen species in the orchid family Orchidaceae. The new Latin genus name is derived from the Latin cymba meaning boat. Its first known use was in 1815.

I first saw these orchids on Silvia Weinstock’s cakes fell in love with the green petal variety that she makes.

Great filling in a flower spray or just by themselves, Cymbidium Orchids are very beautiful flowers.

To help in making, I found a perfect green variety in my local Homebase! Always useful to have the real thing to look at when constructing flowers.

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