Make A Croquembouche

Croquembouche Making

I recently have been asked to produce a croquembouche for a bride. I decided to ask Ildo Nicolello for some help and advice.

The course was for two days at Ildo’s (Nic’s) house in Wales. Nic is very nice and a very good teacher. He has been a confectionery teacher for many years and has a kitchen setup in his workshop for students to use and learn.

 He showed me his DVD of himself on the Generation Game in the eighties, amongst many other appearances on TV shows.

 We talked and made some choux buns, then it was onto sugar boiling. The construction of the croquembouche was onto a two foot polystyrene cone. Which I have cut by Steve at Foam Cutting. this took most of the day and into the next morning.

We also had some time for some sugar pulling, Nic’s a master of the art. We also investigated the intricacies of spun sugar.

I would recommend Nic’s courses, you will have a lot of fun and learn a great deal!

Published 08, Jul 2014, written by Toby Category: News Back to the blog: All articles