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Croquembouche for a London Wedding

I was commissioned to make a 250+ bun croquembouche for Virginia's wedding at Wimbledon Rugby Club.

choux buns ready for dipping
Choux Buns ready for dipping in sugar

250+ is a lot of choux buns, you need to lay them all out then,

  1. fill them with creme patissiere
  2. dip their tops in caramelised sugar
  3. dip them at an angle for stacking on top of each other around the cone

With some practise it can be fairly straight forward to build up a croquembouche. I do worry about the humidity and absorption of moisture by the sugar and the chance of potential collapse, But, the set up and delivery of this croquembouche was very successful.

I don't normally use spun sugar as I am afraid, what with it being so fine, that it will dissolve and not last to the best man's speech. On collection of the stand and metal cone I was told that the croquembouche lasted very well for the four hours it was out and was very popular with the children who wanted to pull buns off and potentially collapse the tower.

london croquembouche setup at wimbledon rugby club
Set up time

With this croquembouche I did some experiments with fillings to ensure that it would last and not cause any hygeine problems with being out for so long. Makiko Searle told me to be wary off this problem. That is why I always like to make a dummy croquembouche for a wedding and have real buns chilled in the kitchen - also that makes life easier for the caterers who have to serve up the hundreds of choux buns - getting them off a large cone can be very tricky as they tend to want to fall off all over the floor.

Virginia had this to say:

I was just about to email you this morning to thank you for the lovely croquembouche.  It was delicious & looked divine, I was absolutely thrilled with it!  We received a number of compliments about it from our guests too.  We had a truly wonderful day & your dessert just topped things off for us.


croquembouche london virginia wimbledon rugby club
Virginia's wedding outside Wimbledon Rugby Club - May 30th, 2015


london wedding croquembouche
The Croquembouche
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