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Bibendum Building - Terence Conran - Celebration Cake

This is my first fully designed panelled royal icing cake for the Squires Kitchen 2015 cake competition.

The Bibendum Building is an amazing and unique former home of Michelin in the heart of Chelsea, London.

Bought by Terence Conran thirty years ago and home to a fabulous restaurant and The Conran Shop, I have always admired the building and the fanciful design encouraged by the Michelin brothers.

The Michelin Man, Bibendum or Bibby, as I call him, is a world known brand and the motto reads, 'Nunc est bibendum', latin for, 'Now is the time to drink!'

I was very fortunate to have the work of Thibaud Herem and his fantastic drawings to look at. This saved me time, simplified my design and made it easy to pipe over his drawings. Check out his great work here: http://www.thibaudherem.com/

Thibaud Herem bibendum building Cake
Thibaud Herem's Artwork - available to buy
bibendum text for royal iced cake
My text to place alongside the cake
michelin man
Michelin Man stained glass window
michelin man shoe
Michelin Man stained glass window
michelin man from the top of the bibendum building
Michelin Man stained glass window - on the front of the building
biebdum conran shop entrance oyster bar
The entrance to number 81

My cake close ups:

michelin man on bicycle cake design
My royal iced panel - based on the stained glass window
michelin man cake panel shoe
My royal iced panel - based on the stained glass window
nunc est bibendum
My royal iced panel - based on the stained glass window
royal icing cake bibendum building terence conran cake
The building front - royal iced panel.

Here are some construction pictures:

royal icing cake construction
Using a cardboard panel to test the size of the panels
bibebdum cake construction
royal icing panel on plastic drying
Royal Icing panels with drawings removed, drying
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