hunting cake horses hounds and foxes

A Cake For the National Trust - Part II

The top tier has been completed and I have now delivered and set up the cake at Petworth House.

pastry kitchen historic cake
the finished cake.
close up of royal iced cake
close up showing the unique shape to the cake boards and
bottom tiers collar.
hound dog royal icing cake
Hound dog on the midle tier.
fox top tier cake
Fox on the top tier.
horse piping royal icing cake
Horse upright on bottom tier.
petworth house historic kitchens
Petworth house Historic Kitchens.
pastry kitchen historic cutters moulds petworth house
Petworth house pastry kitchen cutters and moulds.
cake set up in the historic pastry kitchens of petwrorth house
The Hunting Cake set up in the historic pastry kitchen of Petworth House.
The cake will be roped off to visitors.
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