yahoo! Paramount Pictures corporate cake spongebob squarepants terminator genysis mission impossible

A cake for Paramount Pictures and Yahoo!

I was asked to make a cake for these two distinguished companies for an important meeting in the Yahoo! London offices on Shaftesbury Avenue.

The cake was created as a sketch in Adobe Photoshop incorporating the images Yahoo! wanted. Some they sent to me, which were made up by their design department. The three images, from the bottom up are: Paramounts Mission Impossible movie. Then the new Spongebob movie: The_SpongeBob_Movie:_Sponge_Out_of_Water and Terminator: Genysis. All great movies and quite exciting to use them on a cake.

This cake was on a tight budget time wise, so I used edible printing mixed with hand painting to give that nice feel of a hand made cake.

The top tier is the only edible part and has the Yahoo! Paramount Pictures logo edible printed onto the top sugar paste. The cake was a traditional Victoria sponge and I used some nice vanilla sugar syrup to keeo the cake moist through the build.

The cupcakes are another story.

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